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Beats Airline Airplane Headphone Jack Plug Adapter

Beats Airline Airplane Headphone Jack Plug Adapter

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Airline headphone adapters convert a standard airline dual-prong jack to fit a standard stereo headphone plug 1/8" (3.5mm).  
Airlines typically have a dual prong jack and your headphones have a single plug, connecting a single headphone plug will result in mono sound in only one ear! This airline adapter will help you to get stereo sound. 
Airlines allow you to bring your own headphones and use them with the in-flight entertainment system to enjoy movies and music on-board, but don't forget this adapter! otherwise you will not be able to enjoy it. 

*The airline adapter connects a regular headphone stereo plug 1/8" (3.5mm) to dual prong 3.5mm plug airline jack.  
*Fits all standard airline connectors and headphone stereo plugs.  
*Use your own stereo headphones or noise canceling headphones in-flight. Avoid using the low-end headphones provided by the airlines! AIRPLANE HEADPHONES JACK ADAPTER PLUG AIRLINE ADAPTOR EARPHONE EAR AUDIO TRAVEL