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Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Case for iPad Air - Black

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* Name: Folio Leather Case With Keyboard
* Material (Exterior): Polyurethane Leather
* Finish: Lychee Grain
* Function: Keyboard + Protection + Stand
* Combination of fashion, functionality and protection.
* Great for business occasions.
* The package includes a folio leather case, a removable keyboard, a USB charging cable and a user manual.
* Offers full coverage, protecting your for iPad Air from day-to-day punishment like scrapes and bumps.
* Unfold the kickstand at the back of the case for FaceTime and movie-watching.
* QWERTY keyboard features leather-coated designs and lazer printing technology.
* Lightly padded microfiber liner keeps the back of your iPad Air from scratches whenever it is sloted in.
* Precision drilled openings allow for complete functionality of your newest iPad.
* Leather closure belt secures your device firmly in the case when it is flipped close.
* Elegantly simple design maintains the slim and sophisticated feel of for iPad Air .

* Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer
* Battery Capacity: 450mAh
* Charging Time : 2 - 2.5 Hours
* Keyboard Model : Bluetooth 3.0 ABS
* Standby Time : Approx. 30 Days
* Working Time : Approx. 60 Hours
* Working Distance : 10M