Ore Mambo HR Sensor Smart Band - Black

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HR Sensor
Smart band now comes with HR sensor function. It can monitor your heart rate and display on the screen for you to record your body information.

Real-time monitoring
Record the number of steps you walk, move distance and calorie consumption, so you can get a nice exercise plan based on your height, weight and other parameters accurately calculate calories burned.

Sleep Quality Monitoring
Calculate the depth and shallow sleep time according to your sleep quality, so you can target to improve your living habits. 8 groups silent alarm, wake you up without disturbing the one who sleeps beside you.

Call-in Alert
While connected to your phone, the band would vibrate to inform you that there is a incoming call, and the calling number would be displayed on the screen of the band.

Easy to Charge
With the USB interface, you can direct plug the main body of the smart band into the adapter, or the USB dock on your computer to charge.

Comfortable to Wear
Ultra-light weight with IP55 protection grade, no more fear of rains. You can wash your hands freely with it.

Adjustable Strap
The length of the strap can be adjusted according to the size of your wrist, more comfortable to wear.

Easy to Use
Suitable for most iOS phones and Android phones. No more need to download any APP, you can directly link to your WeChat account and sync data to the WeChat Run.

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