Apple squashes more bugs with iOS 10.0.3, but just for iPhone 7 users
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Apple squashes more bugs with iOS 10.0.3, but just for iPhone 7 users

If you have an iPhone 7, you should download the latest version of iOS now.

Apple just released an iOS update for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices, which fixes a bug that apparently caused some users to "temporarily lose cellular connectivity."

This is the second iOS 10 update that has addressed issues with cellular connectivity. Previously, during the initial iOS 10 rollout, T-Mobile reported a bug that caused some iPhone 6 and iPhone SE users to lose signal. Apple later addressed that bug in a subsequent update. 

The latest iOS  update includes other bug fixes as well, though Apple hasn't elaborated on them. The iOS 10.0.3 update includes the same security content as the iOS 10.0.1 update, according to Apple's website

Despite these issues, though, iOS 10 is seeing wide adoption just a few weeks after its formal release. The update is already installed on more than half of iOS devices, according to the latest numbers from Cupertino, and third-party estimates suggest adoption has been growing rapidly as well. 

Though an important update, iPhone 7 owners will still need to wait a little longer for an iOS update that brings new features to their phones. Notably, a forthcoming update will bring a new Portrait Mode to iPhone 7 Plus devices later this year. That update is currently part of the iOS 10 beta release, which suggests it should be getting an official release soon. 

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